Email to report a problem, Global Engineering Programs and Partnerships, Elmore Family School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Outstanding Electrical & Computer Engineers, Approved courses to meet math requirement, Concentration in Microelectronics and Advanced Semiconductors, Graduate School Thesis and Dissertation Office, Purdue International Students and Scholars, Purdue Center for Career Opportunities (CCO, Additional ECE and Engineering student organizations, College of Engineering Wellness: Task Human, Purdue University Student Health Service (PUSH), College of Engineering Graduate Education. Arif Ghafoor Students in our graduate degree programs have an opportunity to learn from and work alongside leading faculty members who are globally renowned for their excellence in research, teaching, and mentoring. David J. Kaushik Roy Skip to Content Quick Links GO Find Info For Find Info For Graduate Program Requirements Indianapolis (IUPUI) Electrical and Computer Engineering Electrical and Computer Engineering Supported Degree Objectives Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Master of Science (MS) Accelerated BS/MSECE 5 year Degree Graduate Certificate Digital Signal Processing Hybrid Electric Vehicle Power and Energy Processing Michael D. Zoltowski, Dionysios Aliprantis Yung-Hsiang Lu Other courses, as approved by the ECE Curriculum Committee, may also be selected. Our graduate programs are ranked amongst the best in the nation and offer a rigorous, cutting-edge, and intellectually-stimulating educational experience in an environment that fosters creativity, innovation, and student success. Saurabh Baqchi Some courses may have been approved to meet more than one of the Foundational Learning Outcomes, so fewer than six courses can be used to fulfill this condition. We offer an educational experience that is among the best in public universities. Bachelor's level students are normally considered for admission into the Master's program; however, bachelor's level students with exceptionally strong undergraduate records may apply for and be considered for direct admission into the Ph.D. degree program. While a comprehensive understanding of science and mathematics is central and foundational to effective engineering practice, real-world engineering problems are both complex and situated within dynamic social, political, and cultural contexts. MS in ECE. Saul B. Gelfand Love 3.000 Credit hours Syllabus Available Levels: Graduate, Professional, Undergraduate Schedule Types: Distance Learning, Lecture Offered By: School of Elec & Computer Engr Department: Electrical & Computer Engr Course Attributes: Upper Division May be offered at any of the following campuses: PU Fort Wayne IUPUI West Lafayette Accessibility Resources | We offer multiple Master's tracks that lead to the same degree: the Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering (MSECE). The following is an example of a 4-year plan that satisfies the BSEE degree requirements. //